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Contemporary Paintings - Figurative paintings - Modern paintings

For some time now, figurative paintings have been in the foreground. They do not replace the abstract paintings or other directions, but they do appear in new versions, often grotesque, sometimes amorphous, or in connection with fantastic situations. In any event rarely as traditional figurative paintings.

The works of Helmut Zimmermann are best categorized as Fantastic Realism. They preferably deal with the human figure, sometimes with animals or landscapes, or all of them together.

After very little preparation he paints exclusively with arcrylic paints on canvas, of a size approximately 100x80 cm, or sometimes slightly larger. This means that his ideas only take a concrete shape on the canvas where the format and the empty space decide the final composition of form and colour.This process might take a few days or sometimes weeks, depending on the corrections which might be required.

In the past Helmut Zimmermann painted abstract before he changed step by step to figurative painting, but even today we discover amid a realistic world abstract elements as a believable component of the compositon. That is why his works do not reveal themselves to the viewer at first glance.

They pose riddles without leaving the viewer preplexed.

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